Chiropractic Care and Athletes

Dan O’Brien, an Olympic gold medalist believes that chiropractic treatment is “absolutely essential” for improved athletic performance in the sport of track and field. 

Former Dallas Cowboys running back and MVP Emmitt Smith used chiropractic treatment throughout his football career to improve his athletic performance.

Champion football player Jerry Rice of San Fran called chiropractic “the key” to helping him remain in the game.

Former professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger used chiropractic care to prevent injuries during his athletic career.

Before heading into the boxing ring, four-time Heavy Weight World Champion Evander Holyfield had a chiropractic adjustment.  To improve his athletic performance, he visited a chiropractor three times a week.

Major League Baseball outfielder and first baseman Johnny Damon stated that chiropractic helps him play consistently throughout the baseball season.

Former professional cyclist and Tour de France veteran Lance Armstrong considered a chiropractor one of the most important men on his team.

Tiger Woods believes that chiropractic treatment and lifting weights have made him a better athlete. Woods called regular chiropractic treatments are as important to his training process as practicing his swing.

If these athletes benefitted from chiropractic care, so can you!